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The first two pictures were taken at the Battersea Children's Party.
The next three pictures were taken at one of the Liverpool CHICS Christmas Parties.
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The first of the following pictures was taken at the beginning of the sponsored tunnel walk in 1994.
The next picture was taken before the Knaresborough bed push in 1996.
tunnel-walk1.jpg (81013 bytes)   bedpush2.jpg (67215 bytes)

The following pictures were taken at a charity football match held at the Canalside Football Ground home of Runcorn Football Club.
match2.jpg (49612 bytes)   match1.jpg (30761 bytes)   match3.jpg (41178 bytes)

These next three pictures were taken when CHICS children went on a tour of Anfield Football Ground home of Liverpool Football Club.
anfield2.jpg (52686 bytes)   anfield1.jpg (35428 bytes)   anfield3.jpg (54997 bytes)

Euro Disney
disneytrip.jpg (45394 bytes)   eurodisney.jpg (40061 bytes)
The above pictures are of CHICS families on a trip to Euro Disney on the 3rd of June 2002. With the help of the MBNA bank (who funded the trip for all three groups) CHICS were able to take 190 people to Euro Disney for 1 week. The trip included Euro Disney, New Studios and a full day in Paris. CHICS stayed just outside Paris at a place called Chelles.

The following pictures where taken on the weekend break to Eastbourne (from the 13th - 16th December 2002). We stayed at the Imperial hotel along with over 20 families from CHICS, and a group of families from "Jimmy's" hospital. We would like to thank the management and staff at the hotel for inviting us all, for making us feel so welcome and for organising all the events, discos and day trips - they were excellent.
eastbourne002.JPG (27806 bytes)   eastbourne004.JPG (22267 bytes)   eastbourne008.JPG (19489 bytes)   eastbourne012.JPG (32355 bytes)   eastbourne013.JPG (34188 bytes)   eastbourne014.JPG (43115 bytes)

Here are three pictures commemorating the International Childhood Cancer Day. Pictured are John Lavery blowing the candles out, Georgia Hickson with CHIC and Jason Pemble with the spaceman (Syd - granddad of Sophie Render).

We would like to thank Nicky Walton, the play leader, for all her help in putting together the party on the ward, and Siobhan for organising the stall in the restaurant and selling chicks and ribbons. We would also like to thank everyone who helped out with the stall, Syd for dressing up as the spaceman and all members who sold ribbons and who asked their children's schools to hold a fund raising event in aid of CHICS.

john-h.jpg (57366 bytes)
georgia.jpg (26281 bytes)
jason-syd.jpg (55055 bytes)

The following pictures where taken on a day trip to Oulton Park Race Track on the 5th of March 2003.
oulton-park1.jpg (39043 bytes)   oulton-park2.jpg (63596 bytes)   oulton-park4.jpg (60309 bytes)   oulton-park6.jpg (66156 bytes)   oulton-park5.jpg (68515 bytes)   oulton-park7.jpg (39574 bytes)   oulton-park8.jpg (38730 bytes)

parade1.jpg (50927 bytes)
parade2.jpg (54984 bytes)
  Lord Mayors Parade

These two pictures were taken at the Lord Mayors Parade in Liverpool on Saturday 7th of June 2003. The Liverpool group had a float in the parade and a great time was had by all - especially the children and adults on the float who sang and danced the whole way around the route.

Thanks to all who turned up on the day and a special thanks to the Margerison family for their hard work in preparing the float. Also thanks to Deano and family for providing the Music.

Eddie Hincks - CHICS co-ordinator.


Remember CHICS is here to give you and your family support - we are only a phone call away.

If you have any pictures that you would like to share with other CHICS members, you can send them to me using the e-mail link on the right. (N.B. Please send pictures in JPEG or GIFF format and reduce there size to no bigger than approx 800 X 600 pixels - or less than 100kb.)



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