Here you will find a selection of pictures taken over the years at various CHICS events (e.g.: parties, trips, fundraising events and accepting donations). If you have any pictures that you would like to share with other CHICS members, you can e-mail them to me.

Battersea Children's Party and Liverpool CHICS Christmas Party:
The first picture was taken at the Battersea Children's Party. The next two pictures were taken at one of the Liverpool CHICS Christmas Parties.
battersea1.jpg (53185 bytes) christmas-party1.jpg (72957 bytes) christmas-party2.jpg (57176 bytes)

Knaresborough Bed Push 1996:
This next picture was taken before the Knaresborough bed push in 1996 and shows myself as Captain Hook with my wife Carole as Peter Pan with our son and daughter, David and Rachael, next to us along with my niece and nephew and a few others who kindly took part to raise money for CHICS.
bedpush2.jpg (81189 bytes)

International Childhood Cancer Day:
Here are three pictures commemorating the International Childhood Cancer Day. Pictured are John Lavery blowing the candles out, Georgia Hickson with CHIC and Jason Pemble with the spaceman granddad of Sophie Render). Nicky Walton, the oncology ward play leader, helped in putting together the party on the ward, (Syd - and Siobhan organised a stall in the Alder Hey restaurant selling chicks and ribbons.
john-h.jpg (86178 bytes) georgia.jpg (43176 bytes) jason-syd.jpg (55055 bytes)

Lord Mayors Parade 2003:
These two pictures were taken at the Lord Mayors Parade in Liverpool on Saturday 7th of June 2003. The Liverpool group had a float in the parade and a great time was had by all - especially the children and adults on the float who sang and danced the whole way around the route. The Margerison family put all the hard work in preparing the float, and Deano and family for provided the music.
parade1.jpg (50927 bytes) parade2.jpg (54984 bytes)

Wirral CHICS Members Coastal Walk 2003:
Here's a picture of Wirral CHICS Members Coastal Walk which took place in May 2003.
coastal-walk.jpg (33386 bytes)

International Childhood Cancer Day 2004:
On the 15th of February 2004 CHICS held a Great Balloon Race. The balloons were launched outside the Oncology Unit at Alder Hey Hospital. Before the ballons were launched we were given a display of football skills and tricks which everyone enjoyed. Then just after 2pm the balloons were let loose. CHICS had originally hoped for around 2000 balloons, but thanks to everyones generosity CHICS were able to release nearly 5000.

After the balloons were released we were treated to a display of juggling, before going to the NALGO club in Alder Road for some more entertainment and a buffet. This picture is of (left to right), Wendy Peckham, Jayne Hollins and Lucy Williams, all patients cutting the iced cake at the NALGO club.
iccd-012.jpg (56652 bytes)

Chester MBNA Party 2004:
Here are some photos from the MBNA party had on the 29th Feb 2004. The party theme was "Finding Nemo" and the kids as well as the adults really enjoyed it. There was a bouncy castle, a clown doing balloons, playing games, a disco, video's to watch and a lovely party dinner. A good day was had by all. Thanks to all the staff at MBNA my little boy had a really good day, and thanks to CHICS and Erica.  

With love Linda Lavender and family from Chester xx
mbna-005.jpg (45197 bytes) mbna-006.jpg (69703 bytes)

Charity Night 11th June 2004:
Our thanks go to Lisa and Rob Hickson (seen here as Fred and Wilma Flintstone performing a rather different version of "I Got You Babe") at the charity event they organised for the Liverpool CHICS group. They raised a fantastic 2115.17. Once again thanks to you all who either attended or donated raffle / auction prizes.
hickson.jpg (73433 bytes)

Glan Llyn 2004:
This pictures were sent to me by Cheryl Davies. It was taken at the weekend trip to Glan Llyn in North Wales.
glanllyn-003.jpg (73807 bytes)

Euro Disney Paris May 2005:
The following pictures were taken on the trip by the Liverpool group to Euro Disney in May 2005.
euro2005-001.jpg (58969 bytes) euro2005-002.jpg (53824 bytes) euro2005-006.jpg (64911 bytes) euro2005-008.jpg (88987 bytes) euro2005-009.jpg (83721 bytes) euro2005-016.jpg (55702 bytes) euro2005-017.jpg (54654 bytes)

CHICS (poem by Anna Lloyd):
. Have many lives to fix.
They're very very busy. They must get awful dizzy.
CHICS CHICS CHICS. Send people to magical places. If they're deserving cases.
Even to see Santa. If they really wanta.
It's an excellent cause. Let's give them our applause.

Our thanks go to Anna along with Stephanie, Jayne, Abbie and Chelsea (pictured below) who took part in a sponsored walk and raised a fantastic 243.45. Anna's poem was read out at the school assembly when Eddie went to collect the cheque. The girls were all pupils at St Mary's School, West Derby, Liverpool.

Our thanks also go to Mr & Mrs Stewart for all their help in looking after the girls on their walk.
st-marys.jpg (71300 bytes)

Neighbourhood Champs:
John, Judy and Linda attended an awards night hosted by Liverpool Housing Trust & The Liverpool Echo. From March 2005 to October 2005 nominations poured in for groups or individuals to receive a Neighbourhood Champs award for their work in the community. The Echo highlighted CHICS along with 12 others who received their awards at a Gala Dinner compared by BBC Radio Merseyside's Roger Phillips on 16th February 2006. Our thanks go to Carol Webster for nominating CHICS for this award. Pictured are John (centre) and Linda receiving the award.
john-linda.jpg (58751 bytes)

Wales and Wirral Easter Party:
This picture was taken at the Easter Party of the North Wales and West Cheshire group and Wirral group. The kids enjoyed Bizzie Lizzie's puppet show. The picture is of Megan Hulme and Logan Smith who won the best girl and boy dancers competition and can be seen wearing their medals.
100_0511.jpg (62429 bytes)

E-Mail and Picture from Edward Riley:
I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia when I was 2 years old, 24 years ago. I was successfully treated at Alder Hey hospital. My parents (Lesley and Wally Riley) were actively involved with CHICS for many years, and it will always be very important to us. Alder Hey were unsure whether I would be able to have children or not but I was fortunate to have a little girl some 6 months ago. Here is a photo of me with my beautiful daughter Eleanor Mai, you can use this photo and e-mail on the CHICS site.

Thanks, Edward Riley
ed-ellie.jpg (46649 bytes)

Piggery Pottery:
These pictures are of children from North Wales & West Cheshire CHICS group enjoying a morning throwing a pot and painting at the Piggery Pottery, Llanberis during their caravanning weekend at Caernarfon.
llanberis01.jpg (58410 bytes) llanberis03.jpg (50177 bytes)

Liverpool CHICS Christmas Party 2006:
These 2 pictures show the kids having fun at the Liverpool CHICS Christmas Party in 2006
xmas06a.jpg (54795 bytes) xmas06b.jpg (64234 bytes)

North Wales & West Cheshire CHICS 20th Anniversary and Christmas Party 2006:
This picture is of North Wales & West Cheshire CHICS at their 20th Anniversary at their Christmas party in 2006.
20th-ann02.jpg (59235 bytes)

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